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We are LOOK OUT! Theatre Company and we have started our autumn season 2012-2013. This year you will be able to follow us on our blog.

The characters from all of our plays will be blogging and letting you know what’s going on. Each week one character will be sharing his or her thoughts and posting the latest photos.

You will also be able to reply to us.  If we are at your school we would love to hear from you. Maybe you have a question to ask or you can send us your pictures and we will post them on the blog.

So LOOK OUT! Here we come, performing at your school soon!

Serena Worsdell

Poppie Cullen

Jan Clayton

Andrew Laughton

Billy Jefferies

Published by Serena

I'm a children's playwright and theatre director. In 2000 I formed LOOK OUT! Theatre Company which offers interactive theatre for students learning English. I have written and directed 23 original plays and produced 25 shows which have been performed across Catalonia, Spain.

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