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Hello, Nigel Newsman here.
This week Look Out! TV started our autumn schedule, my team of Rosie, Robbie and myself were out looking for the latest news story.
On Monday we went to Malgrat de Mar. According to Robbie it was going to be a cloudy, rainy day so it was no surprise to find a warm, sunny day when we arrived.
On Wednesday the news team went to Pineda. We were reporting on London Fashion Week and we also found out what’s hot and what’s not in Pineda. Rosie and Robbie interviewed Raoul, Fatima and Pau.
On Thursday we were in Palafolls, reporting on the news. We had a really busy time interviewing the rich and famous of Palafolls.
After a very busy weekend we were out again on Monday in Santa Coloma de Gramanet. Here we had a great fashion show with supermodels Mario, Mohammed, Alba, Alvaro, Ivan and Victor, we also found out about the Hollywood auction of Michael Jackson’s clothes.
I realised I couldn’t send Rosie and I decided to go to Hollywood myself, I think it was only correct. Rosie knows nothing about fashion and Robbie is scruffy.
I have asked Rosie to get in contact with some designers and for them to make me a suit for HOLLYWOOD…wow I can’t wait, I have wanted to go to Hollywood for so long. I am so excited.  It will be amazing…
I will let you know how my suit fitting goes and I will be helping Robbie read the weather and the news before my Hollywood trip; that is if I can only stop Robbie from reading his silly books …

Published by Serena

I'm a children's playwright and theatre director. In 2000 I formed LOOK OUT! Theatre Company which offers interactive theatre for students learning English. I have written and directed 23 original plays and produced 25 shows which have been performed across Catalonia, Spain.

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