Month: January 2013

Rosie Wright Reports

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Hi, it’s Rosie Wright here

El Masnou 22.02.2013 (110)I’m busy writing up my reports from Vilassar de Dalt, El Masnou, Cardedeu and Barcelona. We met some great people with fantastic fashion sense who also became great models for us.

This week we also went to see Giorgio at his design studio.

Imagen 037

Imagen 042

He told us about the special fabric he is going to use for Nigel’s suit for Hollywood.

El Masnou 22.02.2013 (146)And here is Nigel bossing us around as usual. I’ll be glad when he goes to Hollywood!

I’m going back to writing my news reports.

We are out in Barcelona tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

Bye for now


The Birthday Cake Pizza

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Hey, Cool Cat here,

El Masnou 22.02.2013 (22)

In the last few months we have been to Pineda de Mar, Palafolls, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Argentona, Vilassar de Dalt and El Masnou.

Phew! What a lot of traveling around in my cat box!

Today I was having a lovely sleep, dreaming of tuna when Little Red Hen woke up me and Lazy Dog.

El Masnou 22.02.2013 (8)

Little Red Hen wanted to do some cooking!

El Masnou 22.02.2013 (6)

But Lazy Dog and myself wanted to sleep, eat and watch T.V.

El Masnou 22.02.2013 (12)

Little Red Hen went to the shops. I’ll tell you later what happened when she got back from the shops but now it’s time for my cat nap.

Meow. xxx

P.S. I like to see any of your drawings of myself, Lazy Dog or Little Red Hen.

Send them to

Round and Round the Garden

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Hello, It’s Poppie and Andy from Round and Round the Garden.

We would like to say how lovely it has been taking our show to all these places.

Pineda de MarIn Pineda de Mar we saw lots of colours; red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue.

CornellàIn Cornellà de Llobergat we met the hungry caterpillar.

Santa ColomaIn Santa Coloma we sang “Five Little Ducks”

Santa Colomer 1In Santa Coloma we found a ladybird.

Barcelona 2In Barcelona we found a buzzing bumble bee!

Barcelona 1We look forward to seeing if it is raining or sunny when we come to see you.

Barcelona 3And we’ll see if twinkle, twinkle is in the sky.

Remember we would love to see your drawings and pictures. You can send them to us by email;

Happy New Year from 007

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Hello, It’s Bond here, yes that’s Bond James Bond!

Happy New Year to all of you and I’m pleased to tell you that my missions this January 2013 in Barcelona, Calella, Lloret de Mar and Malgrat de Mar have all been successful. After I received my mission details from M and my suitcase of gadgets from Q, I went directly by train to Swindon to meet my contacts at the bingo hall. I had been told they work for the American government, the CIA.

Bingo Royale January 2013 (4)

After that I caught up with the bad guys; Anastasia and some henchmen.

Bingo Royale January 2013For a while I was in a sticky situation.

Bingo Royale January 2013 (2)And when Dr Mole Hill revealed his plans both Clara and I thought we were doomed.Bingo Royale January 2013 (1)But not to worry we got the bad guy in the end.

Bingo Royale January 2013 (3)My next mission is to take place in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, February, 2013.

And don’t forget, it’s like I said “You can call me maybe” or email me at or post a comment here.

It would be great to hear your comments about the show and I can answer any of your questions.

Until me meet again.

Kiss, kiss from 007.