Month: February 2013

The Minister’s blog

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There have been very strange things happening at the castle this week. We also had to go and visit our people in Barcelona, Sabadell, Badalona, Vilasar de Mar and Dosrius.

First our castle clock was working and then it wasn’t !

tick tock

Then the Sound Collector came and that’s when the King started to act strange!

Hear some sounds

The Maid began to demand lots of different things…

i want

and then she couldn’t hear the blackbirds. I wonder why?

Why can't I hear the birds

But then the Sound Collector came back…

getting sounds back

he told the King and Queen to stop being greedy, start being generous and to be fair to the Maid.

And I want two gold coins a year

They are trying, I’ll let you know how they get on. Always ready to report on castle news.

Yours faithfully

The Minister

P.S. Don’t forget to look at the Teacher’s Comments to see what they are saying about The Greedy King and Queen!

The minister

Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin

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Hello everyone, I’m Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin. I work at the post office.

Malgrat 25.01.2013 (15)

The other day a letter arrived for the Mayor and it said “I warn you that a government inspector has arrived incognito with instructions to inspect the whole area, and especially our town. He may appear at any moment. In fact, he may already be in town incognito.”

Malgrat 25.01.2013 (13)

It gave us such a fright and the Mayor sent the town Judge and the Charity Commissioner to put all their affairs in order.

Malgrat 25.01.2013 (8)

Then Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky came rushing over from the inn with some urgent news.

Malgrat 25.01.2013 (20)

Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky were in the inn eating salmon when a young man, who was very smart, but not in uniform, was walking around the room. Dobchinsky spoke to Vlass the landlord and Dobchinsky asked ‘Who’s that young man? and Vlass said. ‘That young man works for the government. In Petersburg. His name’s Ivan Khlestakov and he’s a strange customer. Been here two weeks, orders everything on the menu and never pays the bill.’

Malgrat 25.01.2013 (24)

That’s when they knew he was the one in the Mayor’s letter. “The Government Inspector.” Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky suggested that they go and visit him as a group.

Malgrat 25.01.2013 (27)

But the Mayor decided to go alone. Before he left he told the Police Chief to clear the roads of all the poor people and the beggars.

Malgrat 25.01.2013 (28)

The Mayor is over at the inn now. We’ve not had any news, my nerves are in shreds! I’ll report back as soon as I hear anything.

Obediently yours

Postmaster Shpyokin