LOOK OUT! November 2013


Let me tell you what LOOK OUT! have been up to this November. We have been performing our primary shows in Barcelona, Mataró, Hospitalet and Santa Coloma. Below are some photos and some of the feedback from teachers.

Stone Soup

stone soup banner

“The vocabulary was appropriate and I really liked the story and the setting. The actors were very expressive. ” Glória

“The actors did an excellent performance and all the teacher material was very useful.”  Judith

A Monkey’s Tale

monkey banner 4

“My students really liked the story and the vocabulary was good.” Gloria

“It was excellent.” Teresa

The Lemon Thieves

Where are my lemons

“My students enjoyed the songs, the performance was brilliant, the actors were very expressive and the whole play very original. Excellent!” Angela

We have also started performing our shows for pre-school.

Round and Round the Garden

Round and Round the Garden banner 2

“It was a very attractive play, with many visual aids such as puppets to help with vocabulary.” Helena

Fruity Tots

Fruity Tots banner 1

“The play was nice and funny and the children enjoyed it a lot!” Lídia

“I found the Teacher resources very useful, they relate to the play and help the students understand it” Marta

We also had our first ever performance of SANTA’S PANTS and got some great feedback.

Santa banner

” The play was funny and the songs and vocabulary were appropriate. I really liked the interaction with the children” Lídia

Now in December we set off on our journey with Santa’s Pants to schools in Barcelona and the surrounding area. We also have some of our pre-school and primary shows sprinkled in for good measure.

Also we have  a special show of SANTA’S PANTS for teachers on Friday 13th December, 2013 at 6pm in Barcelona. Please contact us for more information.

Serena Worsdell
Tel: 615 670 877 or 670 280 821
Email: serena@lookoutcompany.com
Web: www.lookoutcompany.com
Blog: www.lookouttheatre.wordpress.com


Published by Serena

I'm a children's playwright and theatre director. In 2000 I formed LOOK OUT! Theatre Company which offers interactive theatre for students learning English. I have written and directed 23 original plays and produced 25 shows which have been performed across Catalonia, Spain.

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