New Video for Bingo Royale 2015


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I'm a children's playwright and theatre director. In 2000 I formed LOOK OUT! Theatre Company which offers interactive theatre for students learning English. I have written and directed 23 original plays and produced 25 shows which have been performed across Catalonia, Spain.

One thought on “New Video for Bingo Royale 2015

  1. Dear Serena, I’m Aida Lopez from IPM Premià de Mar. Last year you were performing your play with our students of 3rd of ESO. Is Bingo Royale suitable for 3rd of ESO ? If not, what other plays can you offer us? We were very happy last year with your play. I think our students want something funny and thrilling, that’s way I thought Bingo Royale was ideal if adapted for their age and level. I also have talked about this with our head of department, Mavi Salàs

    thank you in advance Aida lopez

    2015-01-20 20:42 GMT+01:00 Look Out! Theatre Company :

    > serena posted: “”

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