New trailer for Day and Night at the Museum

Day and Night at the Museum

It is another tedious day at the museum. Mr. Mackintosh, the curator and Mrs. Bucket, the cleaner, come to work in the morning and at the end of the day they go home. But at night when the lights are switched off and the sun has gone down, it’s party time and the museum comes to life. A pharaoh queen, a Viking explorer and a heroic pilot, sing and dance until dawn. Then one day a letter arrives that threatens both the day and night inhabitants of the museum.

Will they save the museum? Will you be a visitor? What is the curse of the Inca Sun Mask and the mysterious gold fever? Join us, day and night at the museum, to find out.

Contact us now to book this play for your primary students.

Published by Serena

I'm a children's playwright and theatre director. In 2000 I formed LOOK OUT! Theatre Company which offers interactive theatre for students learning English. I have written and directed 23 original plays and produced 25 shows which have been performed across Catalonia, Spain.

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