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Secondary shows in 2016

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We are pleased to announce the start of our tour of secondary shows in Catalonia. Last week we kicked off in Barcelona and continue this week in St Pol, Terrassa, Lloret de Mar and Sant Boi de Llobregat. See below our latest videos and for all our news you can follow us on Facebook.

Our shows for secondary this year are Murder at Manor House for 1st and 2nd ESO. This exciting, murder mystery is set in an English country house on a cold snowy night. David Black has an announcement and has invited his old friends to dinner but during the evening David is murdered. With all the ingredients of a great whodunit, students follow the clues throughout the play to deduce who they think the murderer is.

My Lucky Compass is for 3rd and 4th ESO. The play is based on the adventures of Christopher Columbus but has an amusing twist to events. Just before his important voyage to discover a route to Asia, Christopher Columbus can’t find his compass. Queen Isabella suggests that they go to her fortune teller, Fuster, for help. Fuster discovers that the compass has travelled to 21st century England and teleports Columbus into the future so that he can get it back.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

LOOK OUT! Theatre Company celebrating 15 Years of Success

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Established in 2000, LOOK OUT! is celebrating 15 years of performing interactive English theatre to schools.  Schools across Catalonia have enjoyed plays with their strong story lines, memorable characters, music, dance and audience participation.

Here are some photos from our very first preview of “My Lucky Compass” which took place on Thursday 14th September, 2000 and Friday 15th September, 2000 at Centre Cultural La Farina del Clot.

My Lucky Compass 1 2000

My Lucky Compass 2 2000

My Lucky Compass 2000

Actors: Greg Ellis, Joshua Zamrycki and Jan Clayton.

LOOK OUT! Theatre Company is celebrating 15 years!

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LOOK OUT! Theatre Company is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary!

We would love to come and celebrate at your school with your students.

For young learners we have three plays – one for each year of pre-school – Round and Round the Garden, Fruity Tots and Pirates for Tea.

For primary school learners we have four plays – including our Christmas play, Santa’s Pants for six to eight year olds. Stone Soup is ideal for 1st and 2nd; A Monkey’s Tale is recommended for 3rd and 4th; and The Lemon Thieves is a great show for 5th and 6th.

For older learners we have two plays. For 1st and 2nd we have Murder at Manor House which is one of our most recent plays, premiered in 2014. For 3rd and 4th we are bringing back everyone’s favourite: My Lucky Compass which was first performed on Thursday 14th September, 2000.

We work hard to always bring you shows which are fresh, entertaining and include the best of everything: from memorable characters; professional actors; music; staging, dance and audience participation; to engaging teacher and student resources .

To book a show for the year 2015-2016 or talk to us about any of our shows, call us on 615 670 877 or contact us through our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Experts in English Theatre


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We are out and about performing at schools and colleges in and around Barcelona and we have been updating our website with all the new photos and feedback from these shows! Go now to our website and also like us on our Facebook page!