Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin

Hello everyone, I’m Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin. I work at the post office. The other day a letter arrived for the Mayor and it said “I warn you that a government inspector has arrived incognito with instructions to inspect the whole area, and especially our town. He may appear at any moment. In fact, he mayContinue reading “Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin”

Round and Round the Garden

Hello, It’s Poppie and Andy from Round and Round the Garden. We would like to say how lovely it has been taking our show to all these places. In Pineda de Mar we saw lots of colours; red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue. In Cornellà de Llobergat we met the hungry caterpillar. InContinue reading “Round and Round the Garden”

Happy New Year from 007

Hello, It’s Bond here, yes that’s Bond James Bond! Happy New Year to all of you and I’m pleased to tell you that my missions this January 2013 in Barcelona, Calella, Lloret de Mar and Malgrat de Mar have all been successful. After I received my mission details from M and my suitcase of gadgetsContinue reading “Happy New Year from 007”

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