Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin

Hello everyone, I’m Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin. I work at the post office. The other day a letter arrived for the Mayor and it said “I warn you that a government inspector has arrived incognito with instructions to inspect the whole area, and especially our town. He may appear at any moment. In fact, he mayContinue reading “Postmaster Ivana Shpyokin”


Read what they are saying about The Inspector

I thought the play was excellent. I enjoyed it very much. Ángels Oliva. Barcelona. I thought everything was  great. The story, characters and comedy were excellent! Alexia Vidal Segui. Santa Coloma de Gramanet. I liked all the actors and the storyline. I think it’s very important for students to listen to native English speakers. MariaContinue reading “Read what they are saying about The Inspector”

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