New Trailer for Round and Round the Garden

Round and Round the Garden is a bright and cheerful musical about the day in the garden. It is packed with action songs, rhymes and repetition which are particularly valuable forms of learning for this age. Everyone can sing-along and learn about the things we find outside.  We get to know parts of the body,Continue reading “New Trailer for Round and Round the Garden”


New Trailer for Pirates for Tea

Pirates for Tea is a jolly and active play about two pirates on the search for treasure. Full of fun, high spirits and action songs, we meet the Terrible Twosome, the most fearsome pirates in the land. Join them as they set sail on a grand adventure in search of treasure, tea and biscuits! WeContinue reading “New Trailer for Pirates for Tea”

New trailer for FRUITY TOTS a fun play for preschool from LOOK OUT!

Fruity Tots is a series of short scenes and songs full of energetic fun to help children develop their English. Fruity Tots introduces us to two friends. Throughout the play the friends need your help. What colour is the scarf? How many apples are there? Where do you wear gloves?  Don’t miss the opportunity toContinue reading “New trailer for FRUITY TOTS a fun play for preschool from LOOK OUT!”

New trailer for Day and Night at the Museum

It is another tedious day at the museum. Mr. Mackintosh, the curator and Mrs. Bucket, the cleaner, come to work in the morning and at the end of the day they go home. But at night when the lights are switched off and the sun has gone down, it’s party time and the museum comesContinue reading “New trailer for Day and Night at the Museum”


Hello and welcome back. We are ready to take your bookings for 2022/23. Below are the trailers to our amazing two actor shows for primary. THE DAY TRIP for older primary and MY NEW NEIGHBOUR for younger primary. These performances are available until Christmas 2022. Call us now for more information 670 280 821 orContinue reading “WELCOME BACK!”

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