Digital performance for Primary

Watch LOOK OUT! plays from the comfort of your classroom and at the rhythm and pace of your students. 

For Primary we have 3 digital performances, one for each cycle.

The Birthday Pizza, The Greedy King and Queen and Passion for Fashion

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Six wonderful plays for preschool learners

  • Fruity Tots
  • Round and Round the Garden
  • Pirates for Tea.
  • 2 actors, lots of easy to learn songs, audience participation and much more.
  • The Little Flower Pot
  • Picnic with a Caterpillar
  • An African Adventure.
  • 1 actor, colourful sets, entertaining puppets and much more.

Come and meet Poppie and Sam, Jack and Daisy, Captain and Beard, Flora, Milly and Brenda in our wonderful plays especially written and created for your preschool learner.

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Eugeni 615.670.877

Serena 670.280.821

We are back and taking your primary booking for 2020/2021

We are happy to be back and are having a very positive response from schools. We are looking forward to getting back on stage at your school in 2020/21. This year we are performing;

Stone Soup for 1st and 2nd Primary

A Monkey’s Tale for 3rd and 4th Primary

The Lemon Thieves for 5th and 6th Primary

Please contact us for more information.

Telephone: 615 670 877 or 670 280 821



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