Hello and welcome back. We are ready to take your bookings for 2022/23. Below are the trailers to our amazing two actor shows for primary. THE DAY TRIP for older primary and MY NEW NEIGHBOUR for younger primary. These performances are available until Christmas 2022. Call us now for more information 670 280 821 orContinue reading “WELCOME BACK!”


Rehearsals for An African Adventure

We are busy in rehearsals and would like to share some photos with you of our preschool play – An African Adventure. We bring this exciting adventure right into your classroom or school gym. Especially tailored for preschool students, this super fun interactive play follows Brenda on her search for an animal that can roar!Continue reading “Rehearsals for An African Adventure”

Six wonderful plays for preschool learners

Fruity Tots Round and Round the Garden Pirates for Tea. 2 actors, lots of easy to learn songs, audience participation and much more. The Little Flower Pot Picnic with a Caterpillar An African Adventure. 1 actor, colourful sets, entertaining puppets and much more. Come and meet Poppie and Sam, Jack and Daisy, Captain and Beard,Continue reading “Six wonderful plays for preschool learners”

Presenting our new small play – The Little Flower Pot

The Little Flower Pot One actor but with all the audience interaction, charming objects, colourful set and easy to learn songs you’ve come to expect from Look Out! Theatre Company. Flora lives on a farm with lots of animals. She finds a little flower pot and wants to grow the flower. “Grow flower grow!” Shelby theContinue reading “Presenting our new small play – The Little Flower Pot”

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